Best Practices

Project Update November 2015 
Work on North Union Street is essentially finished for 2015. The contractor is expected to install the new streetlights when they are delivered in December or January.
Walkable Downtowns Draw Companies & Talent 
August 20, 2015
Learn how Walkable Downtowns are drawing companies and talent across the United States.
How To Navigate a Roundabout 
How do I navigate a roundabout? This video will help residents understand the best ways to drive, walk and bike through roundabouts.
Design Elements 
Design Elements for the North Union Complete Street Transformation Project.
Complete Streets and Walkable Communities - On Trend Now 
Sept 8, 2013
Short videos demonstrate the timeliness of the North Union Street Restoration. Planners and developers nationwide are racing to implement Complete Streets because that's what drives property value and community vibrancy.
A Return to Traditional Town Planning 
Sept 8, 2013
These short videos explain the elements of town planning that aim to restore the value of villages and cities while providing more housing and transportation choices.
The Payback Calculation for Traffic Calming 
Sept 8, 2013
Finally, a readable, understandable explanation how to calculate whether traffic calming will save taxpayers money. Also: A case study of traffic calming that business owners liked.
20 Ingredients of an Outstanding Downtown 
A presentation from Canada full of tips, tricks, facts and stats about how to make a thriving retail and restaurant downtown.


Best Practices
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